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Help Us Find These Classmates

posted Apr 12, 2011, 4:59 PM by Julie Johnston   [ updated Jun 8, 2011, 3:13 PM ]
We have successfully managed to notify about 3/4ths of the 330 or so classmates of ours.  We need your help in finding and notifying the rest.  If you know the contact info of any of the people below, please send it along to us via email or the Contact page or, alternatively, feel free to tell them yourselves about our reunion and this website and then let us know that you've contacted them so we don't continue to try and stalk them. We appreciate your help greatly.  Looks like a good turn out so far! Hoping it's going to be a great time.

Help Us Find These Classmates:

Allison Palmesi
Amy Turnipseed
Andrea Meyer
Arlena Rodgerson
Bradley Kaplan
Brian Gomes
Brian Holinko
Brigg Litchfield
Bruno Skovdal
Catherine Loh
Cheryl Capozziello
Christi Evans
Christina Cortello
Cindee Sombati
Craig Huydic
Dana Johnson
Danielle Fay
David Chinchak
Dawn Fay
Deserie Richardson
Donald Gabriel
Donald Scinto
Frank DiMarco
Frank Lucas
Gary Ruot
Gene Lee
Greg McDonald
Helen Ice
Isolina DeJesus
James Kinnie
James Komarowsky
James Sastram
Jason Romano
Jin-A Kim
John Adams
John Bal
John Dadian
Joseph D'Auria
Karen Robles
Kate Thompson
Kenneth Stein
Kristen Surprise
Lori Kulpinski
Luis Abeytua-Perez
Macy Harper
Maria Pizarro
Marianne Borobyov
Marta Korzinski
Matthew Alterio
Matthew Convertito
Meredith Wakeman
Micahel Bevans
Michael Rannocchia
Micheal Kent
Monica Gibbs
Nancy Novais
Nicole Clarke
Owen Evans
Patricia Sura
Paul Evan
Peter Pavlou
Rachelle Kreissman
Rhonda Salter
Richard Alston
Richard Karkellie
Richard Monteiro
Robert Corica
Robert Pavlo
Sarah Kluender
Shandra Johnson
Shari-Beth Rose
Shawn Turner
Sheryl Ludwig
Sonia Mikolic Torreira
Stephen Boychew
Susan Brown
Suzanne Bender
Thadeus Gnidula
Vivien Lim
Vora Vann